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From creative landscaping design to mulch delivery and placement to regular gardening maintenance—we’ve got your great outdoors covered!

LANDSCAPE DESIGN & INSTALLATION                             

  • Makeovers, new bed formation & creation of islands
  • Custom Designs around new or older pools & cage perimeters
  • Bed edging, contouring & connection for proper flow
  • Seasonal change-outs and clean-ups


  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Removal of dead or undesired plants or shrubs
  • Weeding

Specializing in pine bark delivery & installation of small palms.

We take the bite out of your bark job by making it AFFORDABLE & EASY to do yourself!

We exclusively deliver premium bags of Suwannee River brand pine bark mini-nuggets & STAGE THEM FREE in or close to any landscaping beds!

Just pour & spread. You’ll save time and money and there are no minimums!

Pine bark installs beautifully over all types of mulch. Our current volume pricing and delivery service is less per cubic foot than you would pay at a "Big Box" store. Call us for details!

  • We Will Beat ANY Written MULCH INSTALLATION Estimate (*Estimate Must Indicate Square Footage Covered & Cubic Yardage of Premium Quality Mulch).

A few more details regarding small palm installation:

Over the years, Landscape Connections has focused on small 7 and 15-gallon palms. Starting out with smaller palms can be more affordable and allow most homeowners to fit more palms into their budget.  Many varieties used by Landscape Connections are "self-cleaning" and never require paying a tree service to trim them several times a year.

  • Areca palms, Adonidia (Christmas palms) and Foxtail Palms have dead fronds split and unravel from the trunk and fall off with little to no maintenance.
  • Cataractarum (Cat) palms and Lady Palms are slow growers but mature nicely over time for many landscaping applications.

Many of these small palms are suitable for full sun or shade and can come in single, double or triple trunk configurations that make excellent focal points in your Florida landscapes to plan the rest of your design around.

Stone edging details and the importance of bed edging.

You’ll see the difference!

If anyone were to ask Landscape Connections what would they tell most homeowners to focus on regarding landscaping they would say: Clean and defined landscaping bed edges are critical to the maintenance and curb appeal of your overall landscaping!

The shape, flow and overall appearance of a homeowner's bed edges are the first thing we notice when walking up to your front door. 

Most lawn services are responsible for running a stick edger or line trimmer to define your bed edges every time or at least every other cut to keep your property looking manicured and beautiful.  We can't tell you how many times we find that bed edges are not maintained properly and it cost the homeowner time and money. They have to deal with grass runners and weeds growing into their plants as well as taking over their mulch!  We can help homeowners that mow their own lawns or have a lawn service that is missing these details by assisting them in getting their landscaping beds back in shape and easier to maintain.

Many of our clients have a wide range of landscape edging requirements.

If your St. Augustine turf is thick and healthy it may be enough to hold in your mulch without any borders at all. In that case, simply running a stick edger or line trimmer on a regular basis works just fine.  We've been asked to install all types of edging from black vinyl banding to castle bricks and every type of typical concrete edging that you would find at a home improvement store.

We've determined that natural stone offers a unique and upscale look to any landscaping bed edges or borders for pathways.

It’s priced competitively per linear foot with continuous concrete curbing and is very affordable when buying in volume and passing the savings onto our clients.  We prep your bed edges before stone edging installation and can even use our experience to modify your bed shapes or extend them or even create an entire "landscaping island" as a focal point anywhere on your property. Stone edging looks amazing with any landscaping and beautifully compliments any stone or stone veneer columns you have on your home.

Top 10 tips for the home gardener

1. Water infrequently, deeply and thoroughly

Most lawns need about 3/4 to 1 inch of water once per week, or once every two weeks when the weather cools. Water can come from rain, or from irrigation. Infrequent but deep watering encourages deep rooting, as well as healthier and hardier plants with a greater tolerance for drought.

2. Water at the right time of day

Water early in the day, especially in warmer weather, when evaporation rates are lowest.

3. Watch your lawn instead of a schedule or calendar

Your lawn needs watering when:

  • Grass blades are folded in half
  • Grass blades are blue-gray
  • Your footprint remains on the lawn

In our region, year-round conservation measures limiting landscape irrigation are in effect. Some local communities have additional local water restrictions. You should adapt your watering to fit these limits on landscape irrigation.

4. Too much water can hurt plants

Over-watering creates shallow roots, making plants more vulnerable to disease and pests, as well as to drought.

5. Drip or micro-irrigation systems save water

These systems deliver water to the root of plants, so much less is lost to the atmosphere.

6. Mulching

Adding mulch helps to keep water in the soil around plants. At least two inches is suggested around shrubs, trees, annuals, vegetable and flower gardens.

7. Remove weeds— Add native plants

Weeds or other unwanted plants use water. Removing them means more water for the plants you want. Native plants are adapted to our rainy and dry seasons, and offer a friendly habitat to area wildlife.

8. Install a rain sensor

This recognizes when nature brings the water your lawn needs, and shuts off automatic sprinklers

9. Adjust your lawnmower blades

Most lawns are healthiest when blades are 2½ to 3½ inches long. Longer blades shade the soil, and keep in water.

10. Keep lawnmower blades sharp

Clean, sharp cuts cause less trauma to grass blades, making the grass more resistant to disease.

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We had no idea what we really wanted for our front yard landscaping makeover. Mark made the design process so easy. We discussed what we could keep, trim or remove and then he showed us numerous selections that would be ideal for our property. We couldn't be happier! Landscape Connections transformed the entire right side of our home on a second project and we are now working on plans for our backyard as well. Their attention to detail exceeded our expectations!”

— Robert H., Safety Harbor

“Even though we have a regular lawn service we call Landscape Connections several times a year for detailed maintenance, planting and mulch. Mark has always done quality work and completed projects by important deadlines. Landscape Connections created two new landscaping beds by our pool area, a flagstone inlay pathway towards our pool deck and over 100 linear feet of natural stone bed and pathway edging around the entire front of our home...just in time to make our party a huge success!”

— Melissa B., Oldsmar

Mark did a very nice landscape design and installation for us and applied pine bark mini-nuggets afterwards. The neutral color of the bark chips really made the colors of our plants stand out. I just used his services recently for pine bark delivery so I could maintain the look and keep any weeds under control. Now that he doesn't require any minimums I can call him a couple times a year.”

— Jeff R., Waterchase

“I can't tell you how many times I've made trips to home improvement stores for mulch before a neighbor told me about Landscape Connections. Over half the work involved in doing your own mulch job is just getting the mulch to where you need it on your property. Mark transports and stacks bagged mulch in landscaping beds throughout my front, back and sides of my home. All I have to do is pour it out and spread it. How easy is that? His installation rates are very competitive when I have him do the entire job for me.”

— B.T., Eastlake Woodlands

“After getting a "Love Letter" from our CDD we called Mark with Landscape Connections. He met with us right away and addressed our main concerns. We wanted to get our landscaping back in compliance as well as make some changes we had been considering for a while. Mark helped us with design choices from our approved plant and tree list and made our job a priority. Would highly recommend his services!”

— Lisa G., Westchase

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